Bacio di Velluto 50ml

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Bacio di Velluto (Velvet Kiss) is the first fine fragrance composed in 2017 by Brigantia Perfumes.


A complex, unusual and evolving fragrance with notes of Ambergris, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Blackcurrant & Ylang Ylang.

From an initial blast of sweetness comes a warm depth.

A sharp tang of the ocean and then fruits and flowers which transform into a long-lasting caramel and vanilla

Eau de Parfum





There is a vintage feel to this fragrance. It’s glamorous but in an understated way.

I LOVE your creation. A delicious sweetness. The vanilla is beautiful but not too sweet and it lasts forever.

A Velvet Kiss to Awaken the Fire

Release Your Brave Heart

Unlock Desire

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Weight 70 g
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 10 cm

1 review for Bacio di Velluto 50ml

  1. Shushkin

    I will preface by saying that I love fragrance and have done so since I was very young. I have sniffed quite a few scents over some decades so when I say Velvet Kiss is rather unique I speak from experience.
    This is no girly fragrance but that of a confident educated woman who does not need to olfactorily scream her presence. The ylang and blackcurrant are very evident on the opening
    but it’s the ambergris, sandalwood and vanilla that are the heart of this creation. You can almost smell the sea care of the ambergris. I LOVE the ambergris tang contrasting with the sweetness of caramel although this is not a very sweet scent.
    Ambergris, sandalwood and vanilla together surround you in a sensual warm aura with the flowers and fruit as a backdrop.
    Not surprisingly with ambergris, sandalwood and vanilla amongst the notes it has very good longevity and moderate sillage.
    I think this is a modern scent that suits any age group as I have a bottle and so do my Mum and SIL. We all love it. All three of us have been complimented about this scent.

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